Dan & Ralphy
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This past weekend I attended my first gay wedding. I say my “first” because I think it will and should occur more in the future, so I’m assuming it won’t be my last.

The wedding began on the red carpet and went into a large and nicely decorated  backyard with 3 large tents, 2 bars, a dance floor, a fire pit and lots of room to mingle.

Lighting and entertainment were provided by Lounge it Up and Electrifying Productions. I was just a guest and I always stay out of the way of the hired photographer. I didn’t take any formal pictures and never got in the way, I was just shooting pictures of my friends.

When they were announced, they broke right out into a dance, and since I got a couple of shots of them in the air, I thought I’d have a little fun with it 🙂

The weather was beautiful and as the sun went down the lighting really created an incredible atmosphere.

On the technical side of things, the panorama of the backyard was created from 4 images that were shot vertical and stitched together in Photoshop. Also, having the tents creating shade with bright backgrounds required shooting in manual mode for the ceremony. The bright backgrounds would have confused the meter on the camera and under-exposed the people. In order to do this, I metered off the people in the shade of the tent and used that exposure for the shots that were taken under the tent.

Congratulations to Dan and Ralphy. It was a great, memorable, and emotional event for everyone.

Tech Info: Nikon D800Nikon 24mmNikon 85mm, Nikon 35-70mm, Nikon SB-910