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Headshots in a Home Studio

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I had the opportunity to shoot this young lady a few weeks ago. I set up some lights in my house and used one of my walls as the background. The lighting was done with two Hensel studio strobes and an SB900 flash set to slave mode. The last image in the gallery shows the lighting setup with the two main strobes on either side and the flash pointing up through a diffuser just in front of the subject. A few shots were done with a single strobe to the left of the camera, and a few with the other two lights included. Shot on a Nikon D800e with an 80-200mm lens in the 160-200mm range at f/3.5… and a Sofia the First work table...

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Behind the Scenes: Lightroom and Photoshop Edit

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This behind the scenes video shows the lighting setup and the steps I went through to process the image using Lightroom and Photoshop. This tutorial will show you how to make some basic adjustments in Lightroom, including adjusting the highlights and shadows and using tools selectively to provide the effect you’re trying to achieve. The final image was finished in Photoshop with the splash of window light to help balance the composition while not distracting the viewer from the main subject. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments...

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2 Year Olds are Fast!

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I had a great time shooting this guy, but boy was he quick! We did the best we could getting his attention and got some great shots of him just being...

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Sofia’s Sweet 16

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This was a beautiful event held at the Hanover Manor. Lighting and decor was done by Lounge It Up, Electrifying Productions provided the entertainment and Sofia’s family provided the...

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Just in Time…

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This was a relatively quick shoot because Breanna wasn’t really feeling well that night. But we were able to get a few shots that showed off her happy...

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O’Brien Family Photo Shoot

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I met up with the O’Brien’s at a local park. It was a cold and windy morning, but the kids were great! I had to remove some sniffles in post, I won’t say from who 🙂 My assistant, Amanda, was a great help at getting eye-contact from the kids....

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Jenny and Bill

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I first met Jenny a few years ago when she built the secret igloo. It was a really cool project that helped raise money for the school where my sister works, Celebrate the Children. The igloo was made from colored ice blocks which created a beautiful effect and made for some great images. We connected on Facebook and when Jenny and Bill got engaged, they reached out to me to see if I would be interested in shooting their wedding. Even though I explained that it wasn’t really my main job, they were excited to work with me and I knew, with their creativity, it would be an awesome day. The weather wasn’t great, but the details were. From the hand-painted utensils, to the folded paper bouquets, to the happy-tear hankies, to the custom glasses created for everyone… not to mention Bill’s anvil and Jenny’s hoops! And, as luck would have it, we got a few minutes as the sun was setting, where it broke through the clouds and gave us a spectacular sky to work with. I’m glad I was able to be part of their day and capture some moments that they will never...

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Jenny and Bill’s Engagement

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Ahhh waterfalls… how can you go wrong!?!? The weather was perfect and the sun was peaking through the trees (which sounds great and can look great, but you need to be careful with where the shadows fall and what you’re exposing for!). It’s so nice working with a couple that isn’t afraid to get a little dirty (or wet). Jenny and Bill had scouted some locations they liked, hiked through the woods, and didn’t stop until the sun went down. In the end, we got some amazing shots and it gave us a chance to work together before their awesome...

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The Secret Igloo

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This was a really cool, creative fundraiser for Celebrate the Children school done by Jenny Kucharski and Bill Kucharski, co-owners of JB Creations. The igloo concept was a ton of work and required weeks of prep. It was incredibly well done and Amanda loved it… so I wanted to share. Mix the ice-cold blocks of the igloo with the fire-dancing hoops and you have a pretty memorable...

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Year in Review

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2013 brought a lot of different photographic opportunities. While I didn’t get to use my 600mm lens as much as I should have, I did shoot a variety of subjects, including some nature images, lots of family, and even my first engagement shoot. Below are a few of my favorite images from the year. If you follow the blog, you’ve probably seen most of them, but I thought I’d put together a quick recap. Enjoy, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  ...

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